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About Us
______________________________________________ is a site created by Ridgewood Investments to educate investors about enhanced indexing as an intelligent investment alternative.  We are an investment advisor offering our money management services to clients looking for an intelligent and risk minimizing approach to investing. We work with a variety of clients and their advisors including affluent individuals and institutions.

Ridgewood Investments and were established on a foundation of integrity and service.  We believe that money managers as a group have a sacred responsibility towards their clients. At Ridgewood Investments, we take this responsibility very seriously and we have tried to establish our approach and our relationships the way we would like them to be were our positions reversed.

One of our explicit goals is to help our clients achieve outstanding investment performance through application of proven principles. We believe that choosing the right money manager or managers is one of the most important decisions any client or their advisor can make.

As human beings, there are certain priorities more important to us than investment performance, but once we secure good health and the safety of the people that we love, there are few things as important to our security and well-being as the ability to preserve and grow our hard earned savings. So whether we work directly for our individual clients or indirectly for them through institutions and other intermediaries, we believe that ours is a sacred trust.

Ridgewood Investments is an investment firm located in Mllburn/Short Hills, a suburban community located in Northern NJ approximately 20 miles west of downtown Manhattan.

Kaushal "Ken" Majmudar, JD, CFA serves as our chief investment officer and is supported by other members of our team of professionals. Established in 1962, the CFA Program is awarded to investment specialists after completing a 3 year graduate-level study and examination program. The program is selective, with fewer than 10% of enrolled candidates clearing the examination requirements in sequence*. Ken is a member of both the CFA Institute and the New York Society of Securities Analysts and the Value Investors Club - an online group for skilled value investors founded by Joel Greenblatt.

Ken is also an honors graduate of the Harvard Law School and an honors graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Computer Science. Prior to founding Ridgewood Investments in late 2002, Kaushal worked for seven years on Wall Street as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. He is also a licensed attorney admitted to the bar in New York and New Jersey.

Ridgewood Investments is registered and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC).


Contact Us: email:   Tel: 973-544-6970  Fax: 973-544-4026 is a service of Ridgewood Investments LLC 33 Bleeker Street, Suite 210, Millburn, NJ 07041