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Certain enhanced index funds are available to the public (for example through ETFs) while others, like the outstanding no-load low-cost enhanced index funds offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors are available only through a limited number of quality firms that have been trained and authorized by DFA to use these funds to help long-term investors.  DFA is the largest and leading provider of enhanced indexing and structured investment strategies in the world.

ETFs, also known as exchange traded funds, are a wonderful and relatively recent innovation.  ETFs have some advantages over traditional mutual funds, including (in most cases), intra-day trading, liquidity, and low costs.  Most significantly, the proliferation of ETFs has made it possible to access hundreds of asset classes and strategies through different exchange traded funds.  Though many ETFs are most accurately classified as traditional index products, some ETFs are based on enhanced index strategies.

Given the proliferation of available choices, it is helpful to delve into the details and strengths and weaknesses of each product.  As an advisor, we help our clients utilize these solutions in a way that is appropriate to their individual objectives. 

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