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How You Might Benefit from Enhanced Indexing

You can use enhanced indexing either on a stand-along basis or in an institutional-style core/satellite portfolio that also includes other investing strategies.  Whether you implement it on your own or with the help of a skilled advisor, enhanced indexing can make a major contribution to your financial freedom.

While performance varies based on the mix and a variety of other factors, the DFA funds, which are currently the best foundation for a solid strategy that uses enhanced indexing, have an impressive performance record (review historical performance information for DFA enhanced index funds). Note: clicking the above link opens up a new window (if you have a POP UP blocker, you may need to hold down the CTRL key as you click on the above link)

Though past performance is no guarantee and individual results vary, enhanced indexing offers a solid foundation for most long-term investors.

Since situations and individual circumstances vary, please contact us or request a consultation to find out how enhanced indexing can be used in your specific circumstances.

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