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The Ridgewood Group was selected as a FIVE STAR advisor (their highest rating) by The Paladin Registry.

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Investment Firm Receives 5-Star Rating from Paladin Registry: Kaushal B. Majmudar, CFA and The Ridgewood Group Identified as one of the highest quality investment firms in the United States by the Paladin Registry

Sacramento, CA (Dec, 8 2005). -- Paladin announced that Kaushal B. Majmudar, CFA and The Ridgewood Group (www.ridgewoodgrp.com) have been awarded their highest rating of 5-Stars. Previously recognized as a leading business mentor and professional by Mission Publishing in 2003, this is the second major honor received by Mr. Majmudar recognizing his credentials and his work as a leading investment expert. Among his other accomplishments, Mr. Majmudar is a Chartered Financial Analyst, an honors graduate of both Columbia University and the Harvard Law School, and a recognized expert, published author and frequent speaker on Warren Buffett’s philosophy of value investing.

“We are so pleased and honored by this independent recognition of the quality of investment advice and management we seek provide to our clients around the country” said Kaushal B. Majmudar, Chief Investment Officer for The Ridgewood Group, when informed of the new rating. “Paladin is providing a desperately needed service to individuals by identifying and then connecting them to higher quality investment firms.”

He noted that “We believe that many individuals desperately need new ways to find high quality financial and investment advice. Unfortunately, like most Americans, wealthy individuals also find it challenging to identify the better advisors who can help them make wiser investment and financial decisions and they thereby miss out on the financial freedom that should come with their many personal and professional accomplishments.”

Paladin helps individuals find top investment and financial advisors and evaluate them through online documentation for their credentials, ethics, and business practices. Professionals selected by the registry rank in the top 10% of their profession and investors can use this free service to find, evaluate, and select advisors who have the knowledge and integrity to help them achieve their financial goals.

Jack Waymire, Paladin founder and author of Who’s Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor said the Registry solves three major problems for investors who rely on financial professionals. “First, quality advisors are hard to find because they do very little marketing – they don’t have to. Second, most investors don’t know good advisors from bad ones and all too often select the ones with the best personalities and sales skills. And third, they don’t know good answers from bad ones which makes them vulnerable to advisors who will take advantage of them. The Registry solves all three problems. It lists quality advisors making them easy to find. Paladin focuses investor attention on competency and integrity instead of personalities and sales skills. And lastly, we provide standardized documentation and a relative rating for each advisor.”

Waymire acknowledged that Paladin’s admittance requirements are designed to exclude bad advisors. His company’s independent evaluation of advisor credentials, ethics, and business practices reduces the number even further. The result is a directory of high quality professionals that’s the first to provide ratings and documentation for competency, integrity, wealth management services, and business practices. “By conferring our highest rating of 5-Stars, we are recognizing that Kaushal Majmudar and The Ridgewood Group are among this group of elite and ethical advisors. Firms that we can connect to investors around the country” said Waymire.

About Paladin Registry, LLC

Paladin is an information services company that provides free profiles, ratings, and education services over the Internet to investors who rely on investment advisors to achieve their financial goals. Paladin services help investors avoid bad advisors and select competent, trustworthy professionals who provide high quality wealth management services. Paladin does not benefit financially from investor decisions. Visit Paladin’s website at www.paladinregistry.com for additional information.

About The Ridgewood Group

The Ridgewood Group is a value-oriented money management firm headquartered in Short Hills, NJ servicing clients from around the country, and oversees. The firm is a registered investment advisor offering an integrated approach to investing and wealth management. You can learn more about the firm and access resources on intelligent investing and value investing at www.ridgewoodgrp.com and on enhanced indexing and DFA index funds investing at www.indexvalue.com.

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